Jennifer Mueller

2017 Speaker
Jennifer Mueller

JENNIFER MUELLER earned her PhD in social and developmental psychology at Brandeis University, and has been on the faculty of many top business schools including the Wharton School, Yale School of Management and NYU’s Stern School of Business. One of her papers, upon which her new book is based, The Bias Against Creativity, went viral and was downloaded over 65,000 times—receiving more than 100 media mentions and being described as a “famous study” in The Atlantic. Mueller’s work has been featured in many major media outlets including Wall Street Journal, NPR, CNN, HBR, The Atlantic, Fortune, Forbes, and Fast Company. Mueller, a native Californian, is currently an associate professor at the University of San Diego. He recent book, Creative Change: Why We Resist it…How to Embrace it… provides a roadmap to help people change the way they (and others) think. @jennsmueller

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