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Gayle Jennings-O’Byrne

2018 Speaker

GAYLE JENNINGS-O’BYRNE is founder and CEO of iNTENT Manifesto. After more than twenty years of Wall Street, technology, philanthropy and policy, she is embracing her female superpowers to amplify social change. Her boldest endeavor to date is a social campaign and venture capital fund launched in 2018 to move $1B in capital to support women of color globally. iNTENT Manifesto is a social movement and investment education platform focused on women of color (WOC) tech startups. She is transforming how local people, communities and public and private partners can support, invest, and celebrate WOC tech startups. Inspired by the many women along her journey and the glaring financial market gaps, she is addressing wealth building in communities of color and access to capital for the fastest growing entrepreneurial sector – women of color. Jennings-O’Byrne is channeling wisdom from her investment banking, philanthropy, lobbying and marketing roles at JPMorgan Chase and Sun Microsystems. She is tapping into her learnings as a graduate of Wharton School of Business and University of Michigan, plus participation in 500VC Unlocked/Stanford University, the National University of Singapore and City of London Polytechnic programs.