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Erica Williams Simon

2019, 2020, 2021 and 2023 Speaker

Speaker | Career Progression: Getting From Here to There

ERICA WILLIAMS SIMON she/her is an award-winning narrative strategist, author, creative, and interviewer.  As the founder and former head of Snapchat’s Creator’s Lab, Simon creates content and drives soulful conversations that help a diverse, digital native generation tell new stories about “who we are and how we want to live”. She is currently co-founder and principal of Story Strategy Group, a strategic consulting firm that helps mission driven organizations use story and narrative to tackle big challenges and make real-world change. A passionate speaker and storyteller, through her company Sage House, Simon uses her voice to create digital and in-person experiences at the intersection of faith and culture that surface deep wisdom for work, life, and spiritual formation. Her first book, You Deserve the Truth puts the power of story back into the hands of the people, exploring how to engage with the dominant cultural narratives of our time to build an authentic life worth living. For her social impact work, Simon was named one of Politico’s Top 50 Politicos to Watch, an NAACP’s 40 under 40, a world Economic Forum Global Shaper, and an Aspen Institute Ideas Fellow. Simon received the O magazine Women Rule Leadership Award and has also been featured in Harvard Business Review, The Washington Post, Huffington Post, and ESSENCE magazine. Simon, a self-proclaimed “armchair theologian” and preacher’s daughter for life, serves on the board of and Cinereach and spends as much time as possible making memories with her husband and new baby boy.