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Dr. Jacqueline Del Rosario

2013 Speaker

Dr. Jacqueline Del Rosario has received keys to several cities, multimillions in federal funding, bi-partisan recognition from two U.S. Presidents and two Florida Governors while helping thousands! Dr. Del Rosario is “The How to lady”. She teaches people how to have better marriages, live better lives and recapture lost visions. Dr. Del Rosario is best known for her reformative leadership in the world of marriage coaching, educational performance and family strengthening.  Dr. D has been featured on Fox News, TV One, Martha Stewart Radio show, numerous FOX and NBC news shows and is a regular contributor for Black Enterprise. She is popularly known to media outlets as “America’s Marriage Coach”. Her newest tool is the #1 web site for interactive marriage preparation and training. Dr. Del Rosario is also the founder and CEO of ReCapturing the Vision, a globally recognized nonprofit dedicated to helping young people and their families overcome the negative trends that lead to generational cycles of failure and dependency.  Recently Dr. Del Rosario has launched a multi-city marriage education tour which has already been to Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dallas, Atlanta, Tallahassee, Daytona Beach, Miami and Jacksonville. Dr.Del Rosario holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, a Master’s degree in Education, and a Doctor of Education in Organizational Leadership.