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Attiyah Blair

2016 Speaker

ATTIYAH BLAIR is a professional speaker, certified wellness coach, certified fitness nutrition specialist. She is owner of Attiyah Blair Consulting, LLC, a WOSB certified health and wellness consulting firm. Blair is the creator of “The Master Reset ™: Mastering Your Body By Resetting Your Mind.” She uses her signature program “The Master Reset ™,” to help individuals and organizations accomplish their health and wellness goals with a unique approach that gets sustainable results. Blair’s passion to help others comes from her own battle with health. She spent nearly 10 years working in the television industry at NBC, CBS and FOX News. While working with NBC, she created a weight loss series called “Win by Losing” where she shared her personal struggle with weight and told the story of others who have triumphed in the battle of the bulge. Blair is known for her contagious energy, passionate delivery and captivating presence. She is a powerful resource for individuals and organizations that want to be healthier because she goes beyond nutrition and exercise to address the biggest hurdles to wellness success. Her unique approach to health and wellness has led to success for her clients in the U.S. and across the globe. @attiyahblair