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Ashley Lauren Basla

2019 Speaker

ASHLEY LAUREN BASLA is the founder and editor-in-chief of Sugarpeel LLC, and the independent publication, Deliberately Considerate. Sugarpeel is a unique lifestyle brand founded in 2011. Sugarpeel is genuine, fun, thoughtful and informative, featuring fresh and interesting lifestyle content. The Sugarpeel magazine, Deliberately Considerate is dedicated to the brand’s guiding pillars, which are sustainability, healthy living, socially and environmentally minded companies and women led businesses. This one of a kind publication serves as a facilitator to shed light on the pillars above, learning from innovators, exploring new and exciting adventures, and showcasing those establishments and individuals making a positive difference. Basla is a marketing and branding consultant, helping small to global companies reach their target demographics and meet their business goals. She enjoys traveling in search of similar brand stories to share in the upcoming issues of Deliberately Considerate magazine. @ashleybasla