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Andrea Hoffman

2015 Speaker

ANDREA HOFFMAN is the founder and CEO of Culture Shift Labs, a business advisory that helps bold thinking brands and businesses tap into overlooked consumer groups and business opportunities among the diverse elite (innovators, influencers and inventors of the new economy). Hoffman is the granddaughter of Russian and Polish immigrants, a second generation New Yorker and top tier strategy, business development and trend-forecasting veteran. Her social impact platforms, Culture Shifting Weekends and Secret Supper Clubs are the most sought after and meaningful gatherings of a curated group of innovators, influencers and inventors of color from around the world. As an inventor, Hoffman, along with partner Skot Welch have created a diversity and inclusion SaaS tool called Katapult, which helps fortune 500’s assess, measure and improve as well as put structure around the “business of diversity.” A three-time author, Hoffman’s first book “Black is the New Green: Marketing to Affluent African Americans” was published by Palgrave Macmillan in 2010. Her second book, “50 BILLION Dollar Boss: African American Women Sharing Stories of Success in Entrepreneurs and Leadership” is due out on November 3, 2015. Her third book, “Re-Fraggle: How and Why Diverse Teams Enhance Innovation” is due out in the summer of 2016. @andreadiversity