Jennifer Cohen

Jennifer Cohen is a dynamic speaker, presenter, teacher and blogger who focuses on marketing, social media and relationship building through meaningful engagements. Cohen is the president of Something Creative LLC, a full-service Philadelphia marketing boutique that works with small to large companies focusing on creating and executing integrated marketing approaches and specializing in social media campaigns. She has keynoted at various social media and mobile marketing summits and has been recognized for her integrated social media approach by Hobson & Holtz in their “For Immediate Release” podcast show, alongside Scott Monty of Ford. Cohen was also featured on Amex Open and Talkadelphia, and is a contributor for the AT&T Small Business Newsletter. Cohen also blogs for Social Axcess, a popular social media blog and AskMissA, a female and fashion-focused ezine. Cohen holds a B.A. in media and communication studies and an M.A. in public relations. She teaches public relations, marketing and writing at Philadelphia University and produces her own small business marketing workshops. She also teaches cycling classes in her “spare” time.