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New for 2019, the PA Conference for Women is offering Livestream Tickets that will allow you to watch video of keynote and select breakout sessions while they happen from the comfort your computer.

Livestream tickets are $50 each and good for one device at a time. Details below.



What You Get


Access to a private video stream of both morning and afternoon keynote sessions

+ A choice of two different breakout sessions during each breakout period—three sessions total

Session I: 10:00 am – 11:00 am

How to Skimm Your Life (W)

Navigating life isn’t easy, but theSkimm founders, Danielle Weisberg and Carly Zakin make it a lot more fun. This fireside chat will deliver theSkimm’s trademark mix of real talk, humor, and inspirational messaging to take all of the daunting, cumbersome and frankly unsexy parts of being an adult, and break them down in the same way they break down a complicated news story every morning in our inbox. They’ll also take you on a journey through their experiences with entrepreneurship and reveal how their evolving the brand to meet the demands of the future. Join this session to learn how to navigate the noteworthy moments in your lives, not just your days. Attendees will leave armed with advice, information and even a few hacks to help you make the most informed life and career decisions.

Speakers: Danielle Weisberg & Carly Zakin, co-founders, theSkimm


Women Breaking Barriers: Lessons from the Frontlines (FC)

As a leader in your organization, you are almost certain to face obstacles—maybe even opposition. But skillfully meeting these challenges can become defining moments in your journey to success.  In this powerful session, two influential CEOs will share how they have succeeded in courageously driving change in the midst of big challenges. You will learn strategies for how to stand up for yourself; positively gain traction with others, and ultimately break barriers—whatever the pushback and bumps you face along the way. Plan to walk away inspired by these powerhouse women—and ready to inspire others yourself.

Moderator: Alison Beard, co-host, Dear HBR and HBR Ideacast
In conversation with: Michelle Nunn, CEO, CARE and Jessica Herrin, founder and CEO, Stella & Dot

Session II: 11:30 am – 12:30 pm

Live Richer with the One-Week Budget (W)

When “The Budgetnista” started writing her book at age 25, she was a teacher earning $35,000 a year and, within two years, managed to save $40,000. She has since dedicated her life to financial literacy and helping others live a richer lives. In this session, you will learn her invaluable money management system: twelve steps that that can be completed over seven days. You will also learn the practical and easy tools to complete the One-Week Budget challenge and ultimately find a richer life.  

Speaker: Tiffany “The Budgetnista” Aliche, award-winning personal finance educator and author, The One Week Budget and Live Richer Challenge


How to Be Heard: Effective Communication for Career Advancement (W)

Effective communication is about more than just words and phrases. It’s a projection of your competence and even your potential as a leader. Great communicators can voice their vision confidently, move plans and projects forward,  and present their ideas across all levels of an organization. Join this workshop for actionable steps to develop your own communication style. Learn about speaking with clarity and confidence so that your ideas are heard, your value is clear, and your opinions are remembered.

Speaker: Charmaine McClarie, career maker, C-suite advisor, and keynote speaker 

Session III: 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Harness Resilience to Catapult Yourself Forward (W)

Women today face more stresses and strains, both professionally and personally, than ever before. But what if you could embrace life’s challenges in ways that enabled you to catapult yourself forward?  Join Resilience expert Anne Grady as she presents with a comedic spin her story of being forced to build resilience and how her life was transformed as a result. She will share the important tools to enable you to cultivate your ability to adapt, continually learn and establish a healthy relationship with key stressors.  Attendees will learn how to: 

– Identify triggers and self-defeating habits to proactively manage them
– Utilize brain-based strategies to improve emotional regulation and attention
– Identify personal and professional high pay-off activities and priorities
– Take advantage of risk, change, and adversity to get back up faster and stronger

Speaker: Anne Grady, resilience expert


Networking and Mentoring: Build Relationships, Not Just Contacts (W)

Developing a strong network of mentors and advocates is critical to career success. These meaningful relationships will serve you throughout your career and can help you be a valuable connection for others. A lot of hard work, networking and mentors helped FOX’s NFL reporter Laura Okmin break through the barriers in a male-dominated field and ultimately cover the biggest names on the biggest stages. Now, she’s paying it forward by helping to train, mentor and prepare the next generation of women with her new GALvanize program. Laura will help you understand who you need to meet, how to meet them and how to form lasting relationships (even if you’re an introvert!) Whether you are looking for success in a mentor-mentee program or growing your career by building meaningful relationships, she will share the best practices for creating the most successful two-sided relationship to ensure it is a win-win.

Speaker: Laura Okmin, Emmy award-winning sports reporter and founder, GALvanize

(Speakers and descriptions subject to change—more detail will be available closer to the Conference date!)

How it Works


  • Purchase a livestream ticket on our registration page.
  • The livestream URL and your unique access code will be emailed to you in advance of the Conference date. That email will also contain any technical details you need to have a smooth viewing experience. 
  • Livestreamed video is only available live—it will not be available for playback and recording of any type is strictly prohibited.
  • Your access code will only function on one device at a time.

*Stream quality optimized for viewing on standard desktop monitors and smaller devices.



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