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Allyship at Work

Being an ally at work means personally aligning yourself with minoritized colleagues to make sure they are heard and included. Allies speak up when someone is confronted with exclusion, discrimination, or harassment and they advocate for systemic change. Faculty director of Villanova School of Business’s Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Aronte Bennett, PhD, Associate Chair, Marketing & Business Law, shares why allyship matters, how our identities inform it and how to take actionable steps for effective allyship in the workplace.

Aronté Bennett, PhD, associate chair, marketing & business law, Villanova School of Business @vu_busines

Freeing Yourself (and Others) from Imposter Syndrome

Stop thinking about imposter syndrome and start building your self-confidence! Whether you are in the midst of a job search or are looking to level up professionally, Independence Blue Cross’s Dana Yamate shares her strategies for embracing your power fully.

Dana Yamate, Independence director, market research & intelligence, Independence Blue Cross

How to Grow as a Manager

Do you know how to bridge the gap between the leader that you are now and the one you aspire to be? Learning how to be a good manager is a matter of practice, not an innate talent. If you are a current manager or aspiring to a leadership position, join Temple Health’s director of leadership and organizational development Allyson Saccomandi, M.Ed. to hear the three superpowers that set the best managers apart from the rest and how you can improve your leadership skills for career success.

Allyson Saccomandi, M.Ed., Director, Leadership and Organizational Development, Temple Health

Jumpstart Your Career in Tech

Landing a job in the tech sector can be daunting, especially for those new to the industry. Whether you are an early career professional or looking to transition into tech, join Nikki Pumphrey of Per Scholas to learn proven pathways to careers in tech. She shares how hands-on technical learning, building professional skills, and community can help you reinvigorate your job search.

Nikki Pumphrey, managing director, Per Scholas Philadelphia @PerScholas

Negotiation Tips for Success

During this time of record unemployment when many are working remotely, a pay raise may seem out of the question. Or maybe not. Whether you’re interviewing for a new job or want a raise in a current role, Joyce E. A. Russell, PhD, the Helen and William O’Toole Dean of Villanova School of Business, shares negotiation tactics that are effective even in a pandemic, where some employees may actually have even more leverage than usual. Join this session to learn the best ways to advocate for yourself, know your value and treat the negotiation like a collaboration, not a battle.

Joyce E. A. Russell, PhD, the Helen & William O’Toole Dean, Villanova School of Business @vsb_dean

Reignite Your Career

How can you maintain enthusiasm and momentum in your career? It all starts with a spark. Johnson & Johnson’s Colleen Eichman shares strategies to revive your career by reigniting your sense of passion and purpose. This learning burst is for those who are returning to work after a career break, pivoting to another profession, or who are otherwise looking to revitalize their careers.

Colleen Eichman, senior manager, Janssen commercial leadership excellence, Johnson & Johnson @jnjnews

You Don’t Need a Title to Lead

Leadership isn’t about a formal title. It’s an approach to work and your team that makes it possible for everyone to lead—even from an informal position. In this learning burst, Dr. Lauren D’Innocenzo, Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior and Provost Solutions Fellow at Drexel LeBow College of Business, applies her research on shared leadership to show how you can leverage your group’s capabilities and diversity by not relying on a single leader. She offers practical tips on bringing an informal leadership structure to your group and developing the transportable skills that will make you a leader on any team.

Lauren D’Innocenzo, PhD, associate professor, organizational behavior & Provost Solutions Fellow, Drexel University LeBow College of Business @lebow