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Theresa Brown Gold

Theresa BrownGold

Theresa BrownGold considers herself an expert at nothing. She has reached a point in her life where all her failures have morphed into successes, and from her middle-aged perch, her longed-for successes now look like boring pursuits. Her adult life started at nineteen with a stint as an au pair and house cleaner in Paris, France where, upon learning that not every culture keeps cheese in the refrigerator, her worldview was toppled. All the “shoulds” of colossal confidence were replaced by the question, “What is really true?” For the next 20 years she asked that question as a playwright through the characters of her plays. BrownGold spent a decade as a co-owner and business manager of two businesses. When she found herself containing out-of-control healthcare costs by hiring only part-time employees, she asked, “Is this any way to run a country?” She answered by painting portraits and calling her art project, “Art As Social Inquiry.” The experience of interacting with the portraits and the stories of the subjects invites viewers to understand how their opinions affect the lives of the people around us.