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The Swiss Cheese Theory of Life!

Judith Belmont

  1. Fondue Can Never Turn Back into a Block of Cheese.
    Give up the habit of looking back with regret – there are no do – overs and by focusing too much about the past and what can’t be changed will keep you stuck in a hole!
  2. There is No Such Thing as a Perfect Slice of Cheese.
    Give up the need for perfection. Besides, the road to success is paved with mistakes and failures.
  3. No “Whine” with the Cheese, Please!
    Pity Parties are over-rated. Strive to look at things more rationally and positively. The Swiss Cheese Motto is: Think Straight and Feel Great!
  4. If the Cheese is Ripe, Dig In!
    Be Proactive, not reactive! The more you feel in control of your actions and reactions, and do not “wait” for things to happen, the more empowered and effective you will be.
  5. Live Whole Despite the Holes.
    Focus on developing mindfulness and spirituality with a focus on being present-focused.
  6. Enjoy the Wine and Cheese Party!
    People who connect with others, give and receive social support, are happier than people who are isolated. As the old Bell Telephone commercials said: Reach out and touch someone!
  7. Be like Cheese-Lite!
    Develop health and wellness through exercise, healthy eating, and good life style habits. Welcome wellness for a healthier YOU!
  8. Slice the Cheese Wheel of Life.
    Get organized, prioritize and delegate so that you can achieve a healthy life style balance. Don’t let time divide you – learn to divide your time and energy in a way that makes you feel balanced.
  9. Master the Cheese Wheel of Change.
    Embrace change, be flexible, and strive to be a Stress Manager and not a Stress Carrier!
  10. Smile and Say Cheese!
    Focus on developing a positive outlook and healthy optimism, while you work on healing resentments, focusing on forgiveness, and striving to replace negativity with gratitude.


These ten areas of resiliency are important in every aspect of our lives, and embracing these delectable takeaways from The Swiss Cheese Theory of Life will give you the pungency and flavor of a complete and meaningful life!


Judy Belmont will speak at the 2010 PA Governor’s Conference for Women in a panel titled The Resilient Leader. She is a speaker/author/trainer who uses her background as a licensed psychotherapist to provide personally relevant and meaningful presentations for conferences, organizations and businesses that include Fortune 500 companies. She is the founder/president of Worksite Insights which promotes workplace wellness through consultation and training. Learn more at This article is based on her latest upcoming books with Lora Shor, MSW, The Swiss Cheese Theory of Life and The Swiss Cheese Theory of Life Workbook which will be out in late 2010.