2017 Session | Using Setbacks to Build Resilience and Succeed

Failure and fear are a natural part of life. Although typically viewed as a negative, they can be harnessed to unleash innovation, growth and even lead
to success. Through setbacks and failure, we can learn invaluable skills like resiliency and risk taking to propel life in a positive direction. Using real-life experiences, this engaging discussion will help you discover how failure can work for you. Whether you are bouncing back from … [ more ]

2014: Small Business, Big Opportunity

A small business does not equate to small challenges. It does not equate to small risk, small investment, or small amounts of preparation. Often times, it’s quite the opposite. Nowadays it takes a lot of moxie to create a business, especially in a struggling economy where competition can be fierce. And while gender doesn’t dictate confidence, women face a unique set of challenges that can derail even the most motivated … [ more ]