One Small Word that Can Help You Advance Equity at Work

How can you speak up for equity in a way that brings other people along rather than risks an unproductive battle? Nina Shaw, the entertainment lawyer who The New York Times has called “The Hollywood Power Behind Those Seeking a Voice,” has one simple magic word: “We.” More broadly, she calls it “We Speak.” “It’s where I talk less about the personal situation and more about the organization,” Shaw says. … [ more ]

What it Takes to Make History—with Dr. Jane Goodall

 “I think an awful lot of what I’ve done is dependent on the amazing mother I had. I mean, she supported this crazy dream I had when I was 10 of going to Africa. When everybody else laughed at me, there was never any question that, because I was a girl, I couldn’t do these things, which is what everybody else said.”—Dr. Jane Goodall With strength, determination, purpose and … [ more ]

What One of the Highest-Ranking Women in the Military Learned about Leadership

It seems fitting that Michelle Howard—famous not only for being the first woman to become a four-star admiral in the U.S. Navy but for facing down Somali pirates to rescue Captain Philips—has this as one of her favorite quotes: “You can’t cross the sea merely by standing and staring at the water.” So, how do you cross the sea—or, more to the point, lead in challenging times? Here is one … [ more ]

The Iconic Jane Goodall Shares Her Winning Strategies for Creating Change

Jane Goodall’s unique style—which has been described as “genteel but impossibly difficult”—has served her well over six decades of groundbreaking work. From revolutionizing the world of science at the age of 26, despite having only attended a secretarial school, to continuing to teach a new generation of conservation leaders across the globe at the age of 86, Goodall is a legendary powerhouse. So, how does she do it? Here are … [ more ]

Women Making History: with Time’s Up Co-Founder Nina Shaw

Show Notes: It’s Women’s History Month, and we’re talking to a woman who’s been making history for decades: renowned entertainment attorney and co-founding organizer of Time’s Up, Nina Shaw. As one of Hollywood’s most powerful dealmakers, Nina has been elevating the voices of women everywhere. This special, candid conversation explores the past, present and future of gender equality in the workplace. Part inspiration and part actionable takeaways, learn how to … [ more ]