Bring on the Brave! 15 Women Share Their Most Daring Career Moves

Turns out you don’t have to search long or hard for women’s stories of courage at work—especially when you have our contact list! We asked and were swamped with responses. Here’s the first installment of fear-defying deeds and what our speakers and friends have learned from them. Be prepared to be inspired.

4 Key Factors in a Win-Win Negotiation: Teleclass Recap

Do you know how to negotiate and not just make demands in business and life? In our free teleclass, hosts Kathy Kinney and Cindy Ratzlaff discussed what they consider to be the four key factors in a win-win negotiation: —Self worth – don’t take things personally —Keeping the end goal in mind, be clear about your boundaries of what is acceptable and what is not —How to be flexible about … [ more ]