Ask the Expert—About Mentorship
With Bristol Myers Squibb’s Catherine Owen

Q: You are responsible for a multi-billion dollar business across 19 countries and lead a team of 4,500 employees. Do you really have time to mentor—and if so, how? A: I make time for people development; it’s a vital part of my job. Many tend to think of mentorship relationships as a formal obligation. However, it would not be practical to find a dedicated hour every week to speak with … [ more ]

Lisa Nichols: On How to Be Resilient and Joyful in 2021

Lisa Nichols, motivational speaker and bestselling author, is one of those rare women who seem to have mastered the art of being joyful—no matter what. That’s why we thought she would be the perfect person to ask for her ideas about how to be resilient and joyful in 2021, which is already proving itself another interesting year! 10 top tips for how to go through 2021—with maximum resilience and joy … [ more ]

Manage Your Mindset with Mel Robbins’ Wake-Up Routine

With all the extraordinary stresses we are under today, Mel Robbins—motivational speaker, author and creator of “The 5 Second Rule”—has a simple morning routine she recommends for every woman trying to manage her mindset to boost focus and motivation in 2021. Here it is: Under no circumstances, sleep with your phone. It’s like inviting the world in your bed with you, she says, because the first thing we all do … [ more ]