Grace Killelea

Grace Killelea

2017 Session | The Confidence Divide: Closing the Gap to Achieve Career Success

Being passed over for a promotion you knew you were ready for is nothing new. What may be unique is this little culprit: a disparity in confidence. While men are prone to overestimate their abilities, women too often sell themselves short and confidence plays a crucial role in the ability of women to succeed. Confidence expert Grace Killelea has done the research and will share how to turn your job competency into the kind of authentic confidence that gets noticed. Attendees will learn:

  1. The Four Rs of Success–relationships, reputation, results, and resilience;
  2. How to build circles of influence, leverage and promote your skills and cultivate executive presence; and
  3. Strategies to help you bounce back from setbacks.

Listen in to this session to find the confidence you need to step off the sidelines onto the playing field–and claim the success you deserve.  Read More

Stand Out as Manager Material

Grace KilleleaPop quiz: What separates the smart and hardworking from the smart and hardworking in leadership roles?

Answer: Executive presence, which entails exuding confidence, more so for women than for men, the Center for Talent Innovation has found.

Of course, the lack of executive presence, and so confidence, perceived or otherwise, isn’t the only reason there are so few women at the C-level of corporations. “Company policies and practices and gender bias are all contributing factors, too,” says Grace Killelea, founder and CEO of the GKC Group and author of The Confidence Effect: Every Woman’s Guide to the Attitude That Attracts Success. “But the confidence gap is real and it is keeping women back.” Read More