Don’t Play the Weather Girl if You Want to Be the VP

A woman gets into an elevator. She’s a hard-working executive who comes to the office early every day. One day, the CEO gets into the elevator with her. She freezes, afraid to talk and afraid not to talk. So, she chats about the weather. Another day, she’s riding the elevator when the CEO steps in again. But this time, a male colleague also gets in, shakes the CEO’s hand, introduces … [ more ]

Personal Brand Overhaul: Redefine the Way You’re Perceived at Work | 2018 Session

People tend to come up with their own perceptions about who you are, what you’re good at—and, quite likely, what you’re not good at. They “brand” you in their own minds. But why let others define your reputation? Join this session to explore how to brand or rebrand yourself. These branding experts will teach you how to re-assess your brand –in person and online—and adjust your communication to attract high-profile … [ more ]