2018 Workplace Summit Agenda

Thursday, June 7, 2018
Villanova University
Connelly Center


1:00 PM



JOYCE E. A. RUSSELL, PhD, Dean, Villanova School of Business EMCEE REMARKS
GERRY CUDDY, president and CEO, Beneficial Bank

1:10 PM


C4ward to Move-Forward: Overcome Bias and Embrace Otherness featuring VERNĀ MYERS, cultural innovator, lawyer, entrepreneur and best-selling author @vernamyers

Politics, race, class, gender and geography are dividing us more than ever. We are pulling back from each other, drawing the idea of family and community too small, clinging to people who are like us, and being afraid of the “other.” But separation and entrenchment are not the way forward. To overcome rooted hatred, bigotry, and oppression, we need to expand and reimagine a more inclusive community and society. We each need to act – we need to commit to reaching across our differences instead of giving into isolation, fear, and hatred. In this compelling talk, Vernā shares her vision of how we can all move forward, using the four Cs of progress – Cultural Curiosity, Compassion, Consciousness, and Courage. Participants will leave energized and with practical tools for connecting in small and large ways to people who are different from them.

2:00 PM


2:30 PM


JUSTIN SMITH, vice president, talent planning & acquisition, Qurate Retail Group


A Conversation on Navigating the Workplace in a Post #MeToo World…Now What? Moderated by ZAINAB SALBI, humanitarian, author, host of “#MeToo, Now What?” on PBS, and one of People Magazine’s “25 Women Changing the World”

GRACE E. SPEIGHTS, partner, Morgan Lewis
DAVID SMITH, associate professor of Sociology in the Department of National Security Affairs, United States Naval War College, former Navy pilot and co-author, Athena Rising

The #MeToo movement has led us to a watershed moment. Cultural norms and workplace policies are evolving. And new questions and realities are starting to surface. Anecdotes of men avoiding women have also started to proliferate. Some men wonder: Is it safe to take a closed-door meeting with, or mentor a woman? Some find themselves immobilized by fear. But we can do better. Join a panel of leading experts on gender partnership for a forward-looking conversation about how to constructively navigate the workplace in a post #MeToo world. Together we will explore how to dispel fear and mistrust to create a workplace that works for everyone.

3:15 PM


3:45 PM



NICOLE DINELLO leader, Network of Women, Bristol-Myers Squibb


How to Be Allies Without Fear: Lessons on Trust, Communication and Tangible Steps to Move Forward TOGETHER
DAVID SMITH, PhD, associate professor of Sociology in the Department of National Security Affairs, United States Naval War College, former Navy pilot and co-author, Athena Rising

BRAD JOHNSON, PhD, clinical psychologist, professor of psychology in the Department of Leadership, Ethics, and Law, United States Naval Academy, faculty associate, Johns Hopkins University and co-author, Athena Rising

Research has shown that diverse teams drive innovation and bottom line success. Yet diversity also presents immense challenges around our ability to work together and find common ground–and today, camaraderie, communication, and trust across differences appear to
be at an all-time low. This powerful and interactive workshop will explore how we move forward TOGETHER. Offering actionable strategies you can immediately implement, it will show how to reestablish trust, improve communication, and create places where everyone feels safe and respected. This session will help you foster an environment that works for everyone by addressing:

•  Societal and cultural norms and stereotypes that play out in the workplace;
•  Ways to recognize and overcome roadblocks that inhibit effective communication;
•  How to create a culture of inclusiveness through trust and respect so employees feel secure sharing opinions;
•  Small, powerful acts of kindness everyone can do that will lead to positive, contagious behavior change;
•  Ways to be a meaningful ally through compassion, understanding and empathy; and
•  Strategies to manage conflict and confrontation.

4:45 PM


KATE CHIGOUNIS, head of operational risk management, Macquarie Investment Management

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