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Vivian Tu

2024 Speaker

Speaker | Founder & CEO, Your Rich BFF, and NYT best-selling Author

VIVIAN TU is a former Wall Street trader-turned-expert educator, host, and founder & CEO of the financial equity phenomenon Your Rich BFF. Vivian’s commitment to destigmatizing and making the rules of personal finance accessible and digestible to non-experts and marginalized communities has earned her nearly 6 million followers, as well as honors on Forbes’ 30 Under 30 – Social Media and inaugural Top Creators lists. Her debut book, RICH AF: The Winning Money Mindset That Will Change Your Life, brims with her best personal finance tips and tricks to help all readers grow their wealth, as does her podcast, Networth and Chill. Vivian has inspired millions to be more open and transparent regarding conversations around money, transforming finance into “fun-ance” to help her followers become successful. Vivian achieved millionaire status at just 27 years old – a testament to both her financial acumen and strategic mindset.