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Lorenzo Claridy

2018 Speaker

LORENZO CLARIDY is currently the head of inclusion and diversity in the US at GlaxoSmithKline. He transitioned from the commercial business, where he previously held various individual contributor and leadership roles, to include sales professionals, district manager, field business manager, regional account manager and field VP, all within the primary care and managed markets businesses, over his sixteen year career. Claridy is a proud graduate of Hampton University, where he majored in business management, and was a four-year R.O.T.C scholarship recipient.  He served six years in the Army as a logistics officer. His values include: work ethic, faith, empathy, integrity and purposeful living.  He is proud of being raised by a single-parent mother who instilled in him the value of empathy. Claridy’s affection for GSK is clearly stated in their mission.  He’s driven by GSK’s commitment to be the best life sciences company, focused on discovering best-in-class medicines for best-in-class patient outcomes.  Outside of the formal developmental programs he’s participated in, Claridy is also a credentialed Executive Coach and GSK Job Plus Coach.  He values development and supporting others to unleash their full potential. He is a three-time Performance Circle Winner and a GSK Leadership-In-Excellence Winner. @gsk