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Laurie Myers

2018 Speaker

LAURIE MYERS has the honor of serving as the global health literacy director for Merck & Co., Inc. For the past eight years, she has led the company’s health literacy efforts in support of improved patient communications about clinical trials, medication, disease education, and packaging.  She is also passionate about diversity and inclusion, specifically health literacy as a tool to address healthcare disparities. Myers speaks globally, and is frequently invited to serve on national and international working groups, often with patient advocates, regulators, and leaders from all sectors of health care. She advocates for policy change to make it easier for patients and their families to understand information about clinical trials and medication. Myers earned a national health literacy research award for efforts to include people with low health literacy in market research, and to confirm their understanding.  She was recently named a 2018 Medical Marketing & Media Top 40 Healthcare Transformer. She has co-authored multiple publications. Myers graduated from Yale University, and earned an MBA in healthcare management from the Wharton School.  She joined Merck in 1999.  Before Merck, she worked for many years serving people with developmental disabilities.  @merck