Jenny L. Palandro

2019 Speaker

JENNY L. PALANDRO is a writer, artist, designer, and founder of Hello Brio and Lettering League. She teaches business owners and aspiring designers how to create a cohesive look and a graphic suite that sets their brand apart. She believes your brand can shine with a cohesive suite of beautiful imagery, graphics, and messaging. Even if you’re not ready to hire a pro for design services, you can invest your own time and creative skills to build a great brand for your project or business and do it yourself. Jenny created her sites’ aesthetics (as well as with many freelance projects) with a combination of hand lettering, illustration, and minimalist design to build a visual identity for both of her sites, and she can teach you via her online courses and YouTube videos. She earned her Interior Design degree from Drexel and works currently as an Experience Designer. Instagram: @hello.brio @letteringleague

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