Attendees: What to Expect from the Virtual Pennsylvania Conference for Women

virtual PA CFW keynote slider featuring Viola Davis, Tara Westover, and Iyanla VanzantWe’re two weeks out from the first-ever Virtual Pennsylvania Conference for Women on November 11th, and we’re busy putting finishing touches on a program that will help you feel inspired, empowered, and connected!Keep an eye out for our emails over the next two weeks—they’ll contain important information about how to participate in this year’s conference, including your unique login.For now, here is an overview of what’s in store this year: (more…)

The Age of Decline: Saying Yes to No

by Jody Gastfriend, LICSW, VP of Senior Care Services,

How does my friend who recently turned 55 prioritize what is important? “I am in the age of decline,” she explained. “I decline this, I decline that. I decline a lot of things.”  As many of my generation of caretaking, overextended, multi-tasking women can attest to, saying yes is easy; saying no can be tough.  Many of us are taking care of children, working outside the home, caring for aging parents, not to mention serving on boards, volunteering at our kid’s school, and helping a friend who has cancer. Despite feeling exhausted and stressed, we soldier on, often at the expense of those closest to us. In fact, I knew it was time for me to make a change when my kids gave me a tee shirt that read, “Kick me if I volunteer again.” Read More

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Make a Down Payment on Your Dream

by Whitney Johnson

Perhaps you’ve heard Charles Dickens’ aphorism, “Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure nineteen and six, result happiness. Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure twenty pounds ought and six, result misery.”

Spend less than we earn – I couldn’t agree more.  But once we’ve achieved this basic principle of money management, then what?  How do we spend our money?  Do we spend in a way that reflects the lives we want to create for ourselves? Read More

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How to Network at Conferences Like a Pro

liz-lynchby Liz Lynch

Attending conferences that attract large numbers of people is a great way to make the connections you need to grow your business. Gatherings like the Pennsylvania Conference for Women are unique opportunities to meet and learn from others who are passionate about the same goals that fascinate you. Read More

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Quick: Define Your Brand!

Before you worry that this is oh-so-complicated—a task that only high-priced pros are equipped to tackle—relax. Branding isn’t brain surgery and you can master yours in no time, which is a must if you want to build a truly successful business.

Consider how often you pick up a box on a store shelf because the packaging catches your eye. Or how often you click on a link because you find the associated image inviting. Think of the times you listen carefully to a commercial because of a funny or intriguing tagline. Read More

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What Is She Reading? Councilwoman Blondell Reynolds Brown

In fall 2005, my daughter was in 4th grade and I was doing my homework, visiting schools of all types—public, charter and private.  My reality was within six months, we would have to make a decision regarding her middle school and high school academic experiences.

I took on an investigative fact-finding mission and approached the researching of multiple school options available to parents; public, private, Catholic, Charter and single sex. As a proud product of the Philadelphia High School for Girls, a public single sex school, I knew in my heart and in my gut that a single sex education was my preferred first choice for my daughter. Being one who has complete respect for research and data in my professional life, I was no doubt leaning on research and data as I studied what was in our daughter’s best interest for the next chapter of her academic journey. Read More

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