2020 Conference Playlist

Need a boost? Tune in to the sounds of the 2020 Virtual Pennsylvania Conference for Women!

What Is She Reading? Alexis Sclamberg

I recently had the good fortune of reading Tama Kieves’s upcoming book Inspired & Unstoppable: Wildly Succeeding In Your Life’s Work! before it even hit the shelves. For those of us pursuing work we love—the kind that calls us, moves us, energizes and excites us—it’s a must-read. I’ve already recommended it to all of my close friends and I’ll tell you, too: you have to get your hands on this book. Read More

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Building Your Knowledge Base

Women and power. The words, when linked, elicit some of the most complicated – and emotionally loaded reactions – in the English language.

Perhaps no one understands the complexities of the relationship between women and power better than 2012 Pennsylvania Conference for Women speaker Gloria Feldt. The author, activist and inspirational speaker started her journey from a place with little power–as a teen mom and high school dropout in rural Texas. Yet through a confluence of luck, pluck, and plain old persistence, she spent the second half of her life at the top of the leadership game – and watching many other women struggle to reach their potential for success. Read More

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Happier at Home: Gretchen Rubin Teleclass Recap

happier-at-home“When your everyday life reflects your interests, your nature and your values, you’re much more likely to be happy,” said 2011 Pennsylvania Conference for Women keynote Gretchen Rubin, bestselling author of “The Happiness Project” and “Happier at Home.”

In our free teleclass Oct. 15, Rubin shared insider advice, gleaned from a nine-month quest for contentment within her home, on how you too can become a “healthier and happier” you. Touching on such topics as possessions, significant others, time and family, Rubin’s insights will lead you on your own path to joy, ensuring that you never feel “home-sick” again.


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Play on Philly! Get Involved

playonphilly-300x225by Stanford Thompson

Our students are no strangers to the stage and have performed for crowds of 50,000 at Citizens Bank Park and sold-out audiences in the Kimmel Center’s Verizon Hall. They have shared the stage with greats like Sir Simon Rattle and Wynton Marsalis, but there was something drastically different about performing for the audience at the PA Conference for Women at the Philadelphia Convention Center. We selected fifteen students from our program to perform and they had two weeks to prepare after taking a month off for the final days of their summer vacation. These students haven’t been playing for two years and many of them are now in leadership positions as they represent some of our oldest students in the program. It was a little stressful to get them prepared for the concert, but they have learned that the performance is about the preparation and not the perfection. Read More

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Speaker Handouts and Event Recaps

Several of the speakers at the Oct. 2 Conference offered downloadable handouts or wrote articles about their experience at the Conference. Please check back for more soon.


Session: The Sandwich Generation: Strategies for Caregiving (and Surviving This Mid-Life Tug of War)
Speaker: Jody Gastfriend, vice president, Care Management, Care.com
Download: Caring Preparing: Paving the Way for an Unknown Journey

Session: Shattering the Glass Ceiling
Speaker: Gloria Feldt
Download: The 9 Ways to Redefine Your Power  and  Strategies to Redefine Power and Lead with Intention

Articles/Recap Posts

Post by speaker Victoria Pynchon
Should We Celebrate 9% Of The Power Or Double It Up? by Victoria Pynchon, ForbesWoman, Oct. 3, 2012

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Play on Philly! at the 2012 Pennsylvania Conference for Women

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Cathie Black Talks Career Success (video of conference session)

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CreativeBizHub.com, Powerful Women Need Their Sleep, So Says Arianna Huffington

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