Attendees: What to Expect from the Virtual Pennsylvania Conference for Women

virtual PA CFW keynote slider featuring Viola Davis, Tara Westover, and Iyanla VanzantWe’re two weeks out from the first-ever Virtual Pennsylvania Conference for Women on November 11th, and we’re busy putting finishing touches on a program that will help you feel inspired, empowered, and connected!Keep an eye out for our emails over the next two weeks—they’ll contain important information about how to participate in this year’s conference, including your unique login.For now, here is an overview of what’s in store this year: (more…)

Teleclass Recap: Building Your Business with Melinda Emerson

Everyone has good ideas, but making the leap from corporate America to small business ownership can be overwhelming. If you want to succeed as your own boss, there are some questions that need answers!

Small business expert Melinda Emerson presented an exclusive and information-packed Conference for Women 30-minute teleclass on Tuesday, January 22. Scroll down to listen or download, and find out:

Is your business idea solid?
Do you have the right skill set?
Who is going to buy from you and why?
How much money do you need to start?
Are you fit to work from home? Read More

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How to Clean Out Your Inbox Without Guilt

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAE-mail is not dead. Just ask TechCrunch king, Michael Arrington. At one point Arrington revealed through his blog that he had over 2,400 unread e-mails in his inbox and another 721 unread messages in his Facebook inbox—well over two thousand unread messages. What is the world coming to if the technological elite can’t keep up? Read More

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When in Transition, Think Like a Trapeze Artist

Whitney-Johnsonsm“I’d like this to be a smooth transition.”  If you’ve ever been fired, you’ve likely heard a version of this oxy-moronic phrase.  Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “Beauty is the moment of transition, as if the form were just ready to flow into other forms.” But when one has just plunged into the abyss of a transition, beauty as a descriptor isn’t the first word that comes to mind. Read More

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IMAGINE: Pay It Forward

Charley-Johnsonsm-120x90by Charley Johnson

Imagine a world where more people did the little things each day that made them feel better.

Imagine a world where a simple smile could have an impact on someone struggling with their day.

Imagine a person helping another person simply because they saw someone who needed help. Read More

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Giving Back

SONY DSCby Meredith Walker

I was fortunate to grow up in a family where giving back to others was part of how we saw the world. My dad is an Episcopal priest and my mom has had the harder job of being the spouse of an Episcopal priest. Together, they were humanitarians and activists.

Mom volunteered with gravely ill children and dad volunteered as a teacher at a school for inner city kids. My brother, sister, and I knew from an early age that our parents had been involved in the Civil Rights Movement when they were younger. We watched them befriend and fight for people with AIDS when doing so was not popular at all. We saw them counsel people who needed help. We saw them open our home to their friends who needed a safe place to be. I’m grateful for that upbringing. And I’m also grateful that they showed us to lead this kind of life with a good sense of humor. That makes trying to do the right thing, no matter how unpopular, not hurt so much. That was how we saw the world we were growing into. Read More

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