Iyanla Vanzant Says Women Were Born “for Such a Time as This”

Iyanla Vanzant Says Women Were Born “for Such a Time as This”

A Gratitude List

paula rizzo © Steve Credoby Paula Rizzo

Have you ever started to feel sorry for yourself and gotten in a real funk? That happened to me this week and it’s so unlike me. I’m not an unhappy person! I’m usually very upbeat and spunky. I put other people in a good mood. So when I found myself slipping into a foul mood I stopped myself immediately. What’s my problem? I have so much to be grateful for! Read More

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How to Use Technology to Create Better Balance

QVC - Albany IrvinQVC - Rebecca Kerper-006by Albany Irvin, QVC Program Host and Rebecca Kerper, QVC Director eCommerce

“It’s not about the megapixels, it’s about the memories,” says Rebecca Kerper, Director of eCommerce at QVC and mother of four boys under eight. Read More

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Perfectionism: the Leading Fatal Disease among Women 18 to 100

Cindy Ratzlaff article image3 Tips to a Healthy, Fun, and Imperfectly Perfect Life

by Cindy Ratzlaff and Kathy Kinney

Do you avoid getting together with friends because you’ve put on a few pounds?  Do your knees shake as you obsess about the placement of every glass, dish, fork and morsel of food for holiday meals? Does a last-minute call from a friend stopping by send you dashing around the house cleaning and straightening up – even in the rooms they won’t see? Are you convinced that everyone else is leading a happier life than you? If you suffer from any of the above symptoms, you may have a case of the number one disease affecting women 18 to 100: perfectionism. Read More

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Make the Shift with Tory Johnson

Tory Johnson before after SHIFTPennsylvania Conference for Women speaker and Good Morning America contributor Tory Johnson helps women make great things happen. She made the shift from employee to entrepreneur and built two multi-million dollar career-focused businesses after a painful firing. Now, after a second major shift—losing more than 60 pounds in a year—Tory is on a mission to help others change their mind for a better life.  Read More

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Flexibility, Self-awareness Fuel Work/Life Integration

PA amerihealth caritas photoby Elizabeth Reeves

Work/life balance is always a hot topic of conversation, which is probably because no one has managed to completely figure out how to achieve it.

For most of us, managing our work lives and our home lives more closely resembles a tug-of-war than a perfectly balanced scale. At times, you’re a really great employee, and at other times, you’re really great at the other aspects of your life, whether that’s being a parent, a caregiver, a volunteer, a student, a friend or any other role you play outside of work. That tug-of-war often causes feelings of guilt for most of us.  Read More

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