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Inspire Them To Be Their Best

Cindy-Solomon1-150x150-120x150by Cindy Solomon

Most of us think of inspiration as the “I Have A Dream” kind of inspiration – someone changing the world for the better or overcoming difficult odds. But really, inspiration isn’t reserved for the special few. Every one of us has the ability to inspire and be inspired. But it takes a catalyst to awaken those reserves and apply them to a greater goal.

That catalyst is you.Find a way to inspire your employees. Inspired employees create exceptional service and woo others to your cause. They serve clients with zeal in an effort to do more, do it faster, do it with greater quality and do it to create something better. True inspiration allows employees to rise to levels of performance even they didn’t know they could attain.

When have you felt the most inspired? When you saw yourself as a part of something bigger? To create this kind of inspiration in the workplace, make sure everyone is playing a meaningful role in the effort to achieve goals. As a leader, you must not only provide the vision but also define the role everyone will play in the effort to bring that vision to life. They need to feel they are an important part of creating something bigger than themselves.

Telling employees they are important is not enough. Great leaders allow others to help them attain their goals. Put egos aside and give your team members the opportunity to be active participants in your success. This requires ongoing maintenance, constant communication and continued discussion surrounding your organization’s goals, especially when times get tough.

Take the first step in being a catalyst for this kind of inspiration. Convince the disbelievers greatness is not only possible – it is achievable!

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