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IMAGINE: Pay It Forward

Charley-Johnsonsm-120x90by Charley Johnson

Imagine a world where more people did the little things each day that made them feel better.

Imagine a world where a simple smile could have an impact on someone struggling with their day.

Imagine a person helping another person simply because they saw someone who needed help.

Imagine being the reason the world is better off for your kids.

Imagine being the reason the person on the other end of the phone treats their family better when they go home.

Imagine being the example to others of how to be aware of people around you.

Imagine knowing you had a profound impact on future generations.

Imagine knowing you have the ability to change the life of anyone you chose to at anytime you are ready.

Imagine knowing you can help others at home, at work, at school or wherever your day takes you.

Imagine a way to take away all excuses from people who claim, “they don’t have time” or “don’t know what to do”

Imagine a movement that proves to society that their little acts mean more to the receiving person that they can ever know.

Imagine a movement that all religions, all political ideals, all races, all countries and all age groups can be a part of.

Imagine a world where billions of people woke up today and were just a tiny bit nicer than they were the day before.

Imagine that.

2012 Pennsylvania Conference for Women speaker Charley Johnson is the founder and president of the Pay It Forward Foundation.

Imagine Pay it Forward