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How to Lead and Succeed in the Multigenerational Workplace | 2019 Session

Diversity in the workplace has been proven to benefit people and organizations. But managing and communicating effectively across diverse teams can present some challenges. So, how do you harness the unique strengths of diverse team members who—especially due to generational differences—bring different styles and values to the workplace? In this session, Lindsay Pollak, a leading researcher on generations in the workforce, and a panel of experts will share their insights into these different generations. Attend to learn clear strategies for communicating and team-building that will help you turn generational diversity into business success.

Thought Leader: Lindsey Pollak, multigenerational expert and author, The Remix

⚬  Kim Lear, multigenerational workplace expert

⚬  Dalila Wilson-Scott, SVP community impact and president, Comcast Foundation

⚬  Nicole Gold, VP, customer service and client set-up, Independence Blue Cross

Emcee: Cara Krikory, site engagement lead, R&D strategy portfolio development, GlaxoSmithKline