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How to Be Happy at Work

Angela RouseBy Angela Foreshaw Rouse, Manager of State Operations and Outreach, AARP Pennsylvania

Imagine this: It’s Monday morning and you’re already dreading the workweek. You are unhappy with your 9-to-5 and are desperate for something—anything—to change so you’re not so miserable at the office. Or perhaps it’s not quite that dramatic and you’ve just become complacent. You hear those people who say they love their jobs, that it’s a life’s mission—and you wonder, “Why don’t I feel that way?”

The average person spends over 100,000 hours of their life working, so it’s important to love what you do. You can feel more rewarded and fulfilled by your career.

“AARP understands how important it is for people to set and achieve goals at any age,” says Emilio Pardo, AARP executive vice president and chief brand officer. “They are looking for tools, guidance and connections to help them regain choice and control in their lives and discover a path to personal fulfillment. We built Life Reimagined to open doors and fill the gap in available resources, to ultimately help people live their best lives.”

Life Reimagined is a multi-faceted approach that guides people through life transitions by helping them discover new possibilities. For people who feel they have not yet accomplished what they meant to accomplish, and for those who are happy with where they’ve been but sense that the ever-evolving workplace and longer lifespans have created space for something new in their lives, Life Reimagined can be a game-changer.

For some, it could be as simple as identifying the differences between your current and ideal roles, and making tweaks to feel energized about your work. For others, it could be a complete change in career paths. Working in the right field with the right skills and the right people is a formula for a happy, fulfilled work life.

But where do you get started on your journey to fulfillment in the workplace? Where do you turn for guidance to take the first—and often daunting—step? When you are feeling lost in your personal journey, Life Reimagined can provide an exclusive, customizable roadmap.

Life Reimagined helps people understand where they are in their journey to achieve their goals and dreams, reflect, and make decisions in planning their next steps. There are several programs that can help you:

  • refresh your outlook to create opportunities in your current role,
  • lead with purpose,
  • explore options and rediscover your passion,
  • bring satisfaction back to your work,
  • reimagine your career,
  • plot a path towards your “what’s next,”
  • build networking skills and
  • get an edge in your job search.

There’s also a Sounding Board—a new kind of private social network for people to surround themselves with trusted friends and allies. Through the Sounding Board and other connection tools, members of the Life Reimagined community help each other by offering advice and support to help reach their goals both big and small.

Powered by the Life Reimagined Institute for Innovation, a world-class group of thought leaders in the areas of life and career coaching, psychology, personal development, health and entrepreneurship, Life Reimagined provides useful tools and information.

Your time is now. You deserve to be that person who raves about and is energized by their work.

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