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Build a CAREpackage

Build a CAREpackage

Together with CARE, a non-profit that helps empower women and girls in the fight against global poverty, we are excited to launch the Pennsylvania Conference for Women CAREpackage. This initiative allows our powerful community of women here in Pennsylvania to get involved and make a difference in the lives of impoverished women and girls globally.

We invite you to join with us and take action by visiting As you explore the Pennsylvania Conference for Women CAREpackage you will learn about various ways you can get involved by donating your time and/or by sending customized gifts of health, education and financial services to girls and women who are making changes for themselves and their communities. This is a great opportunity to be a part of a powerful experience as we mobilize around a common interest in supporting the well being and development of women and girls.

Here’s how to get started and send a CAREpackage with the Pennsylvania Conference for Women:

1. Go to

2. Click “Log in here” and “Create new account” – fill in the fields and hit “submit”

3. Once you are logged in, click “join a group CAREpackage” on the tab at the top right of the page. In the search field, enter “PA Conference for Women” and click on our group

4. Click the “add items now” button to explore CAREpackage and contribute

5. To add an item to our CAREpackage, just click on it and drag it to the box. If you like, you can use the slider to change the amount you wish to contribute. Then, hit “contribute” and the item is added to your CAREpackage. You can continue to fill up your CAREpackage by clicking through the items under each category: help her live, help her learn, help her earn

6. When you are ready to send your CAREpackage, click on the “send your CAREpackage” button

7. On the next screen, you’ll see what’s inside your CAREpackage and have the option to make your gift subtotal a monthly donation to CARE

8. Now, click the “send your CAREpackage button” once again and fill out your profile and billing information and hit the “confirm and submit” button.

9. Follow the steps to tell your friends or invite others to join our CAREpackage so they too can help empower girls and women around the world!

10. Check back frequently to watch our CAREpackage grow – click the “view CAREpackage progress” button at the top of your screen and take a look at the CAREpackage group rankings (and if you want to make an additional donation, please do!)