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Crack the Confidence Code — Podcast with Katty Kay

Katty KayWhy do so many women—even women who have achieved unprecedented success in the public and private sectors—lack the self-assurance that drives many of their male colleagues?

“Psychologists uniformly agree that a little bit of overconfidence is better than a little bit of under-confidence, which is what most women suffer from,” says BBC World News America anchor Katty Kay.

In this podcast, Kay explains the research behind confidence, plus why—and how—women should work on boosting the confidence they’ve got.

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Build Your Persuasive Power — Podcast with Amy Richards

Richards, AmysmLearning to lead means building consensus. In this episode of Conference for Women’s radio show, “Office Hours,” author Amy Richards explains how you can strategically bring people around to your way of thinking.

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Lateral Moves for Long-term Career Growth

Mary Campbell PhotoBecky O'Loughlin photoFeaturing Mary Campbell, QVC Senior Vice President of Commerce Platforms, QVC, Inc. , and

Becky O’Loughlin, Vice President HR US Business & Corporate Shared Services, QVC, Inc.

“Twice in my career, I took a step backwards to move forward,” says Becky O’Loughlin, Vice President HR US Business & Corporate Shared Services at West Chester, PA-based QVC, Inc., the world’s leading video and ecommerce retailer. “I believe that the best way to achieve longevity in a career is to follow your passion, even if that means making a lateral or backwards move.” Read More

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Courage: Taking the Risk to Think Differently—Podcast with Renata Black

“The more you fail and learn from failure, the faster you’re going to get where you’re meant to be,” said Renata Black in the Conference for Women’s online radio show, “Office Hours.”

Black, an entrepreneur, philanthropist and humanitarian, is chairwoman of Seven Bar Foundation, which has fueled more than 2,500 women-owned businesses through microfinance. She spoke candidly to host Samantha Ettus about social entrepreneurship, mentors and networking, failure and success, and happiness and destiny in this 30-minute podcast. Read More

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Is It Time to Rethink Your Leadership Style?

alison youngAs businesses evolve in this increasingly digital, entrepreneurial climate, the old qualities of leadership are giving way to new skills—like collaboration and negotiation—that are essential in the 21st century, says Alison Young, executive director of Drexel University’s Institute for Strategic Leadership at LeBow College of Business.  Read on for four qualities you need to be a leader today.

You have achieved success as a leader and it feels great.  Peers, colleagues and employees look up to you.  There are numerous awards and accolades to honor you.  And most times, that achievement comes with monetary rewards and incentives.  But the model of successful leadership characterized by traditional hierarchy may be becoming obsolete in 21st century businesses. The trend is heading towards leadership more by collaborative teams, or rather, organizations adopting a focus on group rather than individual successes.  Meaning, it’s time to rethink what it takes to be a successful leader. Read More

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Mindfully Balancing Work & Life: Podcast

Christine Carter“Practicing daily gratitude shifts your lens on the world.”

In our recent online radio show, Christine Carter, Ph.D.,the author of RAISING HAPPINESS: 10 Simple Steps for More Joyful Kids and Happier Parents and Samantha Ettus discussed how making small, mindful changes can lead to big shifts in happiness.

One of the biggest keys to happiness, says Dr. Carter, is acknowledging all emotions—whether yours, your partner’s, your child’s or your coworker’s, because when you numb the difficult emotions, you set yourself to numb all your emotions, including profound joy, gratitude or compassion. Read More

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Take the Lead—With Twitter

New Vision Lena West articleTwitter is a powerful tool when you know how to use it, says social media marketing expert Lena West, founder of InfluenceExpansion. To get her top seven tweet-tips, keep reading.

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Leadership Lessons for Women: Creating Balance

alison youngHow many times can you recall having a great idea at work, but backing down from asserting yourself so as not to appear “aggressive”? What about that time you advocated your point, saw it ignored, and then heard it praised when a colleague offered a similar idea? And when was the last time you fell asleep thinking, “If I were in charge, I’d be so much better off”? If these questions resonate with you, it’s likely time to take control of your career and live life on your own terms. Read More

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