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The Truth about Confidence

Janet CrawfordWomen just need to believe in themselves more. That’s often the prescription for righting gender inequities in the workplace. But a big part of the confidence gap is not being addressed, says Janet Crawford, CEO of Cascadance, Inc., an organizational change firm that helps companies address issues of under-representation and create cultures of inclusion.

“Low confidence is not an individual phenomenon, but is in part, a general consequence of something called stereotype threat,” Crawford says. “When you’re one of a few women in a department or the only woman in upper management, part of your brain becomes devoted to monitoring how you’re being perceived, whether you’re representing your group well or confirming negative stereotypes. As a result of this split attention, you feel anxious and may even underperform—and over time, your confidence flags.” Read More

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Three Things Every Career Woman Needs to Know

Marianne CooperIf you ever feel like an imposter at work—or felt like one in school—you stand in good company. “It’s common to feel this way, and women tend to feel the imposter syndrome more intensely than do men,” says Marianne Cooper, a sociologist at Stanford’s Clayman Institute for Gender Research and author of Cut Adrift: Families in Insecure Times. Read More

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Adam Grant on the Kind of Giving That Gets You Ahead

Grant, Adam 200x238Being Masters-of-the-Universe-ruthless is so last century. Now, most of us know that nice guys (and gals) do come in first, more so than cutthroats, thanks to Adam Grant’s New York Times bestseller Give and Take. And soon, with the February release of his new book, Originals: How Non-Conformists Move the World, we’ll stop suppressing our maverick sides, too. Here, the Wharton professor talks about the kind of giving that gets you ahead, good karma and the best office holiday gifts. Read More

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Make a Splash

Molnar CTCABy Devree Molnar, Assistant Vice President, Cancer Treatment Centers of America

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?’ Actually, who are you not to be?”—Marianne Williamson Read More

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Business Advice for Optimists

bert-jacobs Before The Life Is Good Company was a going concern, let alone a $100 million business selling positive messaging on apparel and accessories, it was two brothers—Bert and John Jacobs—peddling their artwork on T-shirts at a trade show. They had decided to wear suits to look more mature, but toward the end of that day, a customer asked what was with the suits—they didn’t seem like the kind of guys who wore them. Read More

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12 Reasons More Women Should Be at the Wheel

Of course, we’re not exactly unbiased on the topic of female power and primacy. We’re also not trying to instigate some global insurgency or battle of the sexes. But we do believe we’ve identified a new gender gap: women are better at running things like, say, the world. To back up our theory, we turned to upcoming speakers. Here’s how they completed the sentence: “When a woman is in charge….”

“…problems get solved, opportunities are realized and potentials are reached.”—

Aliza Licht, author of Leave Your Mark  

“…it is a priority to get multiple voices and opinions into the pool of meaning.”— Kimberly Gorsuch-Bradbury, founder and CEO of Weeva

“…she’ll likely do the job better than a man would. This assertion is research based: a leadership study published in the Harvard Business Review reported that an analysis of 7,000 leaders’ performance evaluations showed that women tend to outscore men in 12 of 16 arenas.”—Christine Carter, Ph.D., sociologist and author of The Sweet Spot: How to Find Your Groove at Home and Work

“…of her money, the world is a better place for everyone. It’s estimated that in the next 25 years $25 trillion will transfer to women in this country and two-thirds of the wealth will be in the control of women. It’s well established that when women have money they use it to help their families, their communities and causes important to them. Just image all the positive change that will occur in the world with all this economic might!”—Ellen Rogin, co-author of Picture Your Prosperity

“…compassion can create breathtaking global change!”—Karyn Scott, founder of Kids in a New Groove

“….success is an imperative, not an option.”—Patty McCord, principal of Patty McCord Consulting

“…the center of gravity of an organization moves down. I believe that as women we are more tuned into our guts. So, while we use our heads just fine, we are also more comfortable involving our hearts and our guts in decision-making. This is why it is so beneficial to have diverse leadership. The blend of perspectives makes a team strong. Also, it is worth noting that something with a lower center of gravity is harder to knock over.”—Martha Pincoffs, founder of Hot Dang, Inc.

“…there is an exponential leap in productivity because of her ability to galvanize the team behind a superordinate goal, make each person feel that there work matters and inspire collaboration so that the team reaches higher and wider than they have before.”—Wendy Wallbridge, author of Spiraling Upward: The 5 Co-Creative Powers for Women on the Rise

“…families, communities and countries are inspired and cultivated and made better than they were before.”Psychelia Terry, president and founder of Urban Intimates

“…of her personal finances, she’s a better saver and investor than most men. She does her homework, sticks to the course, doesn’t take fliers on ‘sure thing’ investments. She’s able to set long-term goals and make the necessary adjustments in her life to achieve them. Many women would rather talk about health than wealth, or sex than salary because money seems too ‘personal’ to discuss—even in a romantic relationship where assets are shared. But women are generally the CEOs of their households. When women take ownership of their financial future, they’re winners.”—Kerry Hannon, money and career expert and author of Love Your Job 

 “…she makes her self-care a priority and is clear about what drains her, what feeds her and how best to use her time, energy and talents—magic happens! Our physical, emotional and spiritual needs constantly shift, depending on our career, family and life stage, so it’s essential that we take regular time out to pause, reflect and gain clarity as we ask, ‘What is uniquely mine to do?’ In our 24/7 culture, it’s easy to fall prey to the ‘seduction of productivity,’ but just because we can, doesn’t mean we should.”—Renee Peterson Trudeau, life balance coach and author of Nurturing the Soul of Your Family: 10 Ways to Reconnect and Find Peace in Everyday Life.

“…we all win because she brings courage, empathy and wisdom with her.”—Maya Payne Smart, journalist 



Navigating Emotions at the Office
Paid Maternity Leave for a Year: Coming Soon to a Company Near You?

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Best Reads for Staying on Top of Every Industry

woman-juggling-laptop-phoneBeing in the know about news and trends is key to success in almost every field. In our first annual reading survey, 51% of respondents said that they read to stay up-to-date daily, while 33% said they read weekly, 11% said monthly and 5% said quarterly or infrequently. Here, in the spirit of collegial sharing, are the apps, blogs, newsfeeds, newsletters, periodicals, websites and writers recommended by survey respondents, and organized by industry:

Accommodation and Food Services,,,,,, Harvard Business Review, Josh Bersin’s blog/Deloitte, LinkedIn, New York Times,, and

Accounting,,, CGMA magazine,,, International Fiscal Association publications, Journal of Accountancy and Wall Street Journal

Advertising/Public Relations/Marketing
AdAge, Adweek,, Borrell Associates reports and webinars, Buzzfeed,,,,,,,, Entrepreneur Magazine, Fast Company, Facebook (follow trendsetters),, Forbes, Google alerts, Harvard Business Review,,,, Harvard Business Review, Huffington Post,,, Inc. Magazine, LinkedIn,,, New York Times, blog, People, Pinterest,,, PRNewser blog, PR Week, PRSA .org,, Re/, Seth Godin, Sidekick blog,,, TechCrunch,, The Futurist Magazine,, Twitter (follow trendsetters), Us Weekly,, YouTube, Wall Street Journal and Wired

Art/Graphics/UI Design
ART News,,,,,,, New York Times,,, YouTube (Adobe Creative Suite and other design channels)

Automotive, newsletters and The Kiplinger Letter

Business & Leadership Coaching/Training/Management
Anthony Robbins,,,,, Forbes,, Google alerts, Harvard Business Review, Huffington Post,, John Maxwell blog, [email protected] newsletter, LinkedIn, New York Times,, Seth Godin,,, Time Magazine and Wall Street Journal

Business Process Outsourcing
Bill Kutik, and LinkedIn

Computer Hardware/Software/IT, Businessweek, Consumer Reports, Consumption Economics (book),, blog, The Economist, daily emails, blogs, Facebook, Fast Company, Forbes,, Google alerts,’s newsletters and Public CIO Magazine, Harvard Business Review,, Inc. Magazine,, Kaihan Krippendorff, LinkedIn, McKinsey Quarterly, New York Times, Reddit,,, blog,,, Twitter, Wall Street Journal, and

Construction magazines,, New York Times and Wall Street Journal

Consumer Electronics,,, Harvard Business Review,, LinkedIn, and Wall Street Journal

eCommerce, and blog

Education news,,,, Brene Brown, BusinessWeek, Buzzfeed,, Chronicle of Higher Education, The Chronicle of Philanthropy,,,, Educational Procurement Journal,,,,,, Facebook, Fast Company, Gabrielle Bernstein, reports, Quick Clips, Harvard Business Review,, blog, newsletter, journals,, Inside Supply Management Magazine,, Libby Nelson, LinkedIn, newsletter, McKinsey Quarterly, blog, newsletter, NACADA Journal, newsletter, newsletter,, Pinterest,,, New York Times,, Politico,, The (education section),, Time Magazine, Twitter, YouTube and Wall Street Journal

Energy/Power & Utilities,,,,,,,,, LinkedIn groups, POWERGRID International, and

Finance/Financial Services,, Banc Investment Daily,,, Barron’s, news,,,,, CNN Money, The Economist,, Fast Company,, Financial Advisor Magazine, Financial Times,, Forbes, Fortune, Fortune’s Broadsheet,, Google alerts, Harvard Business Review, Huffington Post,,, Inc. Magazine,,, Journal of Accountancy, Journal of Financial Planning, Kiplinger,, LinkedIn, Liz Ryan,, McKinsey Quarterly, Money Magazine, Ignites news,, New York Times, blog,, Newsdash, alerts,, Reuters,,,,, Team of Teams (book),,, Twitter, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post and Yahoo news

Brene Brown,,,, Center for Creative Leadership publications,, Facebook, news, announcements,, announcements, MIT Technology Review, news, publications,,, blog and Twitter

Health Care daily updates,,, Health & Welfare Plans newsletter, Bloomberg, BuzzFeed,,,, Diagnostic Testing & Emerging Technologies, Facebook, Fast Company, updates, Forbes, Fortune, Google alerts, Harvard Business Review,,, blog,, Jen Hatmaker, Journal of Hospital Medicine, LinkedIn, Mayo Clinic newsletter, Medscape,, New York Times,,,, blog,, Robert Wachter,, newsletter,, and USA Today

Human Resources blog,,, Meghan Biro, magazine and newsletter,, and

Insurance,, CNN Money, Entrepreneur Magazine, Forbes, Harvard Business Review,,,, Kaiser Family Foundation publications,, LinkedIn,,, insurance publications,,, alerts, Wall Street Journal and

Legal, American Bar Association Journal, magazine,,, Google alerts,, and Wall Street Journal

Association for Healthcare Philanthropy, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation newsletter,, Chronicle for Philanthropy,,, Fast Company,, Forbes,, Harvard Business Review, Huffington Post,, LinkedIn, Lucy Bernholz, McKinsey Quarterly,,, Stanford Social Innovation Review,, Wall Street Journal

Pharmaceutical, Compliance & Ethics Professional Magazine, DIA Daily, Facebook,,,, LinkedIn, Nature,,, Pink Sheet Daily,, Science, newsletter,, Twitter, Wall Street Journal and WSJ’s Pharmalot blog

Professional Services
ACMPGlobal,org,, Annie McKee, Businessweek, CFO Magzine,,, magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, Financial Times,, Fortune, Google alerts, Harvard Business Review,, Inc. Magazine, John Kotter, Ken Blanchard,, LinkedIn, Malcolm Gladwell,, Michael Hyatt, McKinsey Quarterly,, New York Times,,,,,,,, Stephen Covey, Stitcher (app),, blogs, Time Magazine,,,, Twitter, Wall Street Journal, Wired, and YouTube

Real Estate tax alerts, Forbes, NAREIT blogs,, tax alerts,,, Wall Street Journal and Yahoo

Retail blog,,, Entrepreneur Magazine, Fast Company, Forbes,, magazine,, Harvard Business Review,,, Huffington Post, Inc. Magazine,, LinkedIn, McKinsey Quarterly,, blog,,,,, and Wall Street Journal

Adweek’s SocialTimes feed,,,,,,,, Entrepreneur Magazine,, The Facebook Blog, Fast Company,,, Forbes, Forrester Research articles,,, Google alerts,’s newsletters and Public CIO Magazine, Harvard Business Review, marketing blog, Huffington Post, Inc. Magazine, LinkedIn,,, blog, blog,
McKinsey Quarterly,, MIT Technology Review, New York Times,,, Official Google Blog, OpenView Labs, news,,,, Quartz Daily Brief,, Re/,,,,,,,, Time Magazine,, Twitter, The Twitter Blog,, VentureFizz weekly email, Wall Street Journal, Wired, Yahoo News and Yahoo Tech

Transportation/Travel, blog,,, blog, Transportation Research Board newsletter, and


Negotiation Tips That Work for Women
Small Attitude Changes, Big Money Impact
About Face: Taking Your Career in a New Direction
Career Advice You Can Bank on

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Inspiration to Launch Your Life (or Just Start Your Day)


Photo courtesy of Harvard Public Affairs & Communications. Stephanie Mitchell/Harvard Staff Photographer

It’s graduation season! Time for elected officials, former elected officials and Natalie Portman (at Harvard, her alma mater) to step up to the podium and inspire young people as they embark on the next chapter of their lives. But you don’t have to be a co-ed, or parent of one, to be so motivated this year. We asked our speakers, past and confirmed for this year, what they would say—but in 100 words or less. Let the inspiration fly!

“Don’t follow your dreams, lead them. And dream big, but be sure to act even bigger. As necessary and wonderful as dreams are, the meaning in life is ultimately in what we do.”—Gloria Feldt, cofounder and president of Take The Lead and author of No Excuses: Nine Ways Women Can Change How We Think about Power

“Take a breath and close your eyes. Think about what you really love doing. Not what you’re supposed to love, but what makes you truly happy. Now visualize yourself doing that professionally. Imagine all the details you can—what do you see, smell, feel? Open your eyes and write it all down. Now begin thinking more tactically—what steps do you need to take to make that visualization happen? Read your reflection each day…that’s critically important. And then commit. Commit to yourself to do whatever you need to do to go get it!”—Lisa Kueng, executive director at Invesco Consulting and co-author of Picture Your Prosperity: Smart Money Moves to Turn Your Vision into Reality

“Too few people ever actually achieve their dreams in life. But, having them is important. Dreams inspire us…they are what we ponder as we look out onto the horizon. But that’s all they’ll ever be—a way to pass the time—until you turn them into actionable goals. Take those lofty dreams (the ones you’re afraid to tell anyone because they sound so far out of reach), break them down into phases, break those phases into pies, those pies into slices, and those slices into bites. Then sit down and take care of business—one bite at a time.”—MJ Hegar, former pilot in the Air National Guard who served in Afghanistan and whose suit against the Secretary of Defense led to the repeal of the military’s policy of excluding women from combat

“Your world is in your mind and you are more powerful than you think! Although you cannot control how life may unfold, you do have the power to choose how you respond. You experience your world through the lens of your mental models, which are deep-rooted ideas about the way things ought to be; what you fundamentally believe shapes your experience. And most importantly, your power comes from being who you are. By leveraging all of who you are—your core gifts and skills, your circumstances and experiences—you have the power to create amazing possibilities for your life.”—Elizabeth Thornton, professor of management practice at Babson Executive Education and author of The Objective Leader: How to Leverage the Power of Seeing Things As They Are

“Here are three of the most important steps you can take to build a prosperous life for yourself: First, spend less than you earn and save the difference on a regular basis. Next, give generously to people and causes that are most important to you—you should establish a regular giving plan by setting aside a percentage of your income to give. And finally, remember to picture your prosperity! You have an incredible ability to create the life you imagine for yourself. Use the power of your mind to focus on what is most important to you.”—Ellen Rogin, a certified public accountant and financial planner professional and co-author of Picture Your Prosperity: Smart Money Moves to Turn Your Vision into Reality

“There is no destination. While we can and should strive for growth, new ventures and goals, it is our relationship with ourselves on a daily basis and how we engage with the world that makes up our life. There is no great arrival point. Our greatest milestones pass in sheer moments, but the process is the in-between taking up the majority of our life. This is what requires our full attention. Many times we think once we get ‘there’ we will devote ourselves to priorities that whisper to us from the inside, but there is no ‘there’— only ‘here.’”—Azita Ardakani, founder of Lovesocial

Elizabeth Thornton will be speaking on the panel, “Pioneering Pay Equity: Strategies to Bridge the Gap, Own Your Value and Negotiate Your Worth,” and Ellen Rogin and Lisa Kueng will be leading the workshop, “Retirement Planning,” at the 2015 Pennsylvania Conference for Women.

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CFW SURVEY: ‘I Care’ and the Other Reasons You Do ‘Office Housework’

stock 853Editing a colleague’s report, taking meeting notes, refilling the printer paper tray—the non-job-description stuff you do at work to help someone, your team or the company at large has a name. “Office housework”—and as at home, the bulk of it falls to women, who mostly do it to little acknowledgment, let alone acclaim, reported Sheryl Sandberg and Adam Grant in a recent New York Times article. What’s more, they say, it’s another example of gender bias: Men are praised and rewarded if they pitch in, while women are penalized for not helping.

But is office housework that widespread a burden and do women do it because we have to? We asked our readers and a whopping 2,218 of you responded. You have strong feelings about the topic, ranging from resentment to bemusement. Here’s what you said: Read More

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Free Teleclass with Joanna Barsh: Stand Out As a Natural Leader

Barsh, JoannaStand Out As a Natural Leader
Tuesday, March 31, 2015
1:00-1:30 pm EDT


What enables some talented people to rise to the top and live their full ambitions at work and in life, while others stop short? In 2007, Joanna Barsh led a team at McKinsey & Company to answer that very question. In the process, they uncovered what distinguishes leaders who are successful from those who achieve true greatness, developing an approach called Centered Leadership. Read More

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