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Focus on the Client: 7 Tips for Working with Larger Companies

When you own a small business, you have to take advantage of every opportunity possible. If you are a minority or woman owned business, you often have unique opportunities available to you. Even if your business meets a potential client’s criteria for supplier diversity, you still need to seal the deal.

Here are a few things that larger companies look for when selecting suppliers.  Read More

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Leadership Lessons for Small Businesses: Do the Hard Things First

alison youngAs the executive director of Drexel LeBow’s Institute for Strategic Leadership, I have the privilege of interacting with extraordinary leaders in many fields.  And the best leaders don’t just lead Fortune 100 companies, some of the most successful are small business owners. No matter the field or the size of the organization, any of these great leaders understands three simple rules of leadership: personal connections and relationships matter, set an example for your team and your partners, and do the hard things first. Read More

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Make the Most Out of Networking: “Office Hours” Recap

chris cowardNetworking is often viewed as a daunting task that requires you to dress up, attend events (often beyond regular work hours), hand out business cards and hope to not say the wrong thing. It doesn’t have to be like that! This 30-minute broadcast of the Pennsyvlania Conference for Women’s online radio show “Office Hours” discusses networking as an attitude AND way of life. Scroll down to listen. Read More

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The Art of the Cold Call (or Email)

marcy twete photoWhen you hear the words “cold call,” you probably associate them with the words “cold sweat.” Calling someone you don’t know or even sending an introductory email, can be terrifying for even the most expert networker. Of course, a cold call or email isn’t ideal, but it can be necessary. Read More

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Inspired By: Molly Shepard

Molly Shepard 2012 photo“Before you start making decisions and/or changes, do some real listening.”

Building stakeholder relationships at the beginning of a job can make all the difference in ensuring a smooth transition, says Molly D. Shepard, MS, MSM founder, president & CEO, The Leader’s Edge/Leaders By Design and advisory council member, Pennsylvania Conference for Women.

She shared some insights she’s learned from her own job transitions and why she’s committed to helping women succeed. Read More

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Balance for the Entrepreneur Mom: Teleclass Recap

Johnson, EmmasmSelf-employed moms often face the burden of guilt while juggling work, family and personal needs. Am I spending enough time with my kids? Am I doing enough for my business? How can I ever find “me” time?

In this 30-minute teleclass, Emma Johnson, the voice behind the popular blog Wealthy Single Mommy, explained Four Rules of Work-Life Balance for the entrepreneur mom. Read More

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Leading Innovation and Increasing Creativity: Marla Capozzi

Marla CapozziInnovation remains an important priority for enterprises small and large as well as a major driver of our economic prosperity, if not even more important than ever. As a result, individuals and leaders continuously seek to increase creative output and improve innovation results. Yet we find ourselves, especially as women, mired in the never-ending search for continuous improvement – those elusive productivity gains allowing us to maximize our time and how we allocate this precious resource. Efficiency and effectiveness are top of mind for many of us daily, and on some days may feel like hourly. Read More

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