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4 Tips to Manage Relationships with Coworkers: “Office Hours” Recap

In our July “Office Hours” radio show, host Samantha Ettus and guest Marie Peeler shared several tools to successfully manage relationships with your coworkers. Listen to the 30-minute show here, and read on for a summary by leadership coach Marie Peeler.   Some women simply want the joy of working in an environment of respect and collaboration. Others desire a formal leadership track and recognize that building relationships is necessary … [ more ]

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Mindfulness as a Career Strategy: Emily Bennington Teleclass Recap

“Are you walking around pretending to have it all together, while your mind is like a shaken snowglobe?” Career author Emily Bennington posed this question in our free May teleclass, “Mindfulness as a Career Strategy: How to Use Centuries-Old Techniques to Enhance Your Leadership Presence Today.” [scroll down to listen to the full teleclass] While you might not always be able to control the thoughts that pop up in your … [ more ]

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Leading Innovation and Increasing Creativity: Marla Capozzi

Innovation remains an important priority for enterprises small and large as well as a major driver of our economic prosperity, if not even more important than ever. As a result, individuals and leaders continuously seek to increase creative output and improve innovation results. Yet we find ourselves, especially as women, mired in the never-ending search for continuous improvement – those elusive productivity gains allowing us to maximize our time and … [ more ]

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