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2012 Conference in Philadelphia

The 9th Annual Pennsylvania Conference for Women will be held at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia on Tuesday, October 2, 2012. The nonpartisan, nonprofit Conference is Pennsylvania’s largest personal and professional development event for women attracting thousands of attendees each year.

While the Conference previously alternated between Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, the board has decided that the event will be held in Philadelphia this year.



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Early Bird Discounts Through August 22

Register now to take advantage of early bird discounts for the 2012 Pennsylvania Conference for Women! Discounts end at midnight, August 22. Early bird prices are: $140/individual, $270 for two, $1300 for a table of ten and $70 for students. Register now

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Walk Like an Egyptian…In Heels

by Shama Kabani

Shama Kabani with Egyptian Entrepreneurs (via Y.E.C.)

I never imagined that I would be showing a vivacious young Egyptian woman in a hijab how to stand in heels when making a pitch to investors. (Don’t sway, and walk strategically in the area given.) But, that’s exactly what happened on the last day of the NexGen IT Bootcamp in Egypt, the first event of its kind, sponsored by the U.S. State Department’s Global Entrepreneurship Program, USAID, and the governments of Denmark and Egypt. Read More

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Music is Universal, Education Should Be Too

by Tammy Tibbetts

Girls around the world endlessly fascinate me. Although I’m 25, I’m able to develop a bond, and an awareness of their dreams, through social media. I’m focused on girls in my day job, where I tweet for a teen magazine, and after hours, when I’m burning the midnight oil working on She’s the First, a not-for-profit supporting girls’ education, and its benefit concert, GIRLS WHO ROCK. Read More

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Doing Nothing May Feel Easy, but It Makes You Unhappy!

Mel-RobbinsBy Mel Robbins

Our human behavior of taking the easy path actually makes no sense. By chasing easy pleasures, we lose happiness.

Study after study has found that passive activities, such as surfing the web in your pajamas or watching a marathon of Mad Men episodes, actually makes you unhappy compared with doing something active. Kids, for example, are much happier playing a sport instead of parking themselves in front of the television. In fact, they experience a higher level of enjoyment that brings increased benefits to their mind and body (what researchers call “elevated excitement”) when they play sports. Read More

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Personal Brand: Do You Love the ‘You’ You Find Online?

By Gina Carroll

Gina-Carrol-120x162-120x150Do you love your personal brand? Or does your online presence leave you feeling disingenuous or not authentic? All of the work you’ve put in—tending to how you appear online—has been important, for sure. But in the quest to create a brand, have you lost yourself? Perhaps now is the time to step back and make sure that who you are online is really who you are. Read More

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Get Real. Find Joy.

By Betsy Myers

When she was four years old, my daughter, Madison, often saw her friends leaving their after-school program to go to soccer, ballet, piano, and other activities. One day, when I picked her up from preschool, she said, “Mommy, please don’t overschedule me. I just want to play after school and relax on weekends!” Read More

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Online Courses Offered at Half Off for PA Conference for Women Community

The Pennsylvania Conference for Women is excited to announce a new partnership with Brazen Careerist, a career management resource for today’s professional. What does this mean for you? Huge savings on their LIVE, online courses. Read More

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4 Reasons Why Twitter Can Boost Your Happiness

By Gretchen Rubin, author, “The Happiness Project”

1. Twitter helps you maintain loose relationships and strengthen strong relationships. Technology allows you to keep a better handle on friends, acquaintances, and virtual acquaintances. Far more than ever before, I’m vaguely aware of a huge number of people, some of whom I “know” and some I don’t “know,” and although that sounds overwhelming, it makes my life warmer and richer. Read More

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