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Find Your Own Sense of Renewal

by Gretchen Rubin

To foster a sense of renewal, I’ve realized, it’s important to cultivate a sense of enthusiasm. I want to look forward to the future with anticipation, to get energy from the things I do—to have fun.

One of my Secrets of Adulthood is “What’s fun for other people may not be fun for me—and vice versa.” This sounds simple, but it actually was a huge breakthrough for me. So many things that other people consider “fun” are not fun for me, and it took me an astonishingly long time to realize that. Drinking alcohol, shopping, crossword puzzles…I just don’t enjoy those “fun” activities. Read More

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Using Social Media to Change, Reinvent & Flip the Script

by Lena West

Sometimes it’s hard to make big shifts in our businesses – even though those same changes may be well overdue and very, very necessary. Change is not always easy.

We may be worried that people will not appreciate the changes we’re going to make or accept the direction we’re going to take. Whatever the scenario, it can help to be able to dip your toe in the water first, and social media can help you do that. Read More

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Gloria Steinem on why we need women’s conferences

“If you enjoy equal pay, if you feel like you have opportunities that your mother never had, that your grandmother could certainly only dream of, you should be thanking your lucky stars for Gloria Steinem.”
—Mel Robbins

Gloria Steinem, women’s rights pioneer, co-founder of Ms. Magazine and a 2011 Pennsylvania Conference for Women keynote speaker, shared her thoughts on the challenges women face today and the importance of women’s conferences with another Conference speaker, “America’s Life Coach” Mel Robbins, on the “Mel Robbins Show.”

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“I can’t overstress how important something like this Pennsylvania Conference for Women is. I’ve been to state conferences and regional conferences all over the country. They’re really life-changing, because for the first time, many women find themselves in the majority in their aspirations, in a concentration, in a critical mass of people who support them, who have shared experiences, who can give advice, who ask advice. And because the system as it is in the external world still runs mostly differently, they may always in their lives have been in the minority, or felt crazy, or had to explain themselves. At a conference like this, it’s mutual support and the ability to learn, to find out and to use our own experiences to teach others.”
—Gloria Steinem, women’s right pioneer, co-founder of Ms. Magazine and a 2011 Pennsylvania Conference for Women keynote speaker

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A Finishing Touch Accessory Drive

The Career WardrobeThe Conference is thrilled to partner with The Career Wardrobe, the nation’s largest community-based nonprofit organization serving women transitioning into the workforce by providing professional clothing and educational opportunities in the Philadelphia region.

We invite you to bring donations of handbags, jewelry, scarves, shoes (especially size 9 and up!), and stockings (new and unused; especially plus sizes), so that every woman can receive that “finishing touch” to help her make the very best impression!

“Being a divorced mother of three, I needed all the help I could get. I walked into The Career Wardrobe with almost no hope left. I felt so bad about not being able to provide for me and my family. I couldn’t even afford to buy dinner, let alone an interview suit. Walking through the doors of The Career Wardrobe I began to think, ‘Wow these ladies mean business!’ It was just like walking into a private boutique! I felt like I was shopping in a store, not receiving a hand out. Everything was so nice and I had a lot to choose from. I was given two outfits: one for the interview and one to wear on the job. I was stunned when, after picking my clothes, I was told that not only would I get shoes and hosiery to match, I would also receive jewelry and everything else to make my outfit pop! With the staff’s support I felt like I could face any future employer with confidence. And it paid off! I am now the office administrator for a music production company. It was not hard getting the job after using the tips I learned at The Career Wardrobe. Thank you so very much for all that you have done for me.”

— former Career Wardrobe client, Julie

In 2009, Pennsylvania Conference for Women attendees donated more than five carloads of accessories for The Career Wardrobe. It’s hard to put a number on the amount of people the last drive served, says Operations and Marketing Manager Heather Bennett.

“We generally see 5,000 women a year, and 4,000 are for dressing and clothing,” said Heather. “Unlike clothing, accessories don’t need to be any certain size, so we are able to provide them to the majority of the clients that come in for assistance. As you can see from the above quote, it makes a huge difference to the clients that they are able to personalize their outfit and truly make it ‘theirs.’ The drive two years ago helped make this happen for countless women in the region, and there truly is no way to quantify the smiles and gratitude – not just from the clients, but from The Career Wardrobe for helping us make that happen for the women we see.”

For more information on our “finishing touch” accessory drive at the 2011 Pennsylvania Conference for Women, please contact Heather Bennett at The Career Wardrobe, [email protected]

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Registration Opens for PA Conference for Women, Keynote Speakers Announced

Read More

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Five Steps to Successfully Network at a Conference

Focusing your energy on meeting the right people and making an impression are essential strategies, though both require practice. This article offers proven techniques to improve your networking tactics.

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