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Contagious: How Products, Behaviors and Ideas Catch On (W)

Have you wondered why certain stories get shared, e-mails get forwarded, or videos go viral? Jonah Berger has spent the last decade answering these questions. Attend this interactive session and learn about the six basic principles that drive ideas to become contagious from consumer products and policy initiatives to workplace rumors and YouTube videos. Whether you are in a corporate setting and driving a new product line, an entrepreneur launching a new business or simply trying to sell an idea internally at your organization to improve a process, this session will show you how to leverage the principles to craft contagious messaging that sells and make your product or idea catch on. Read More

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Leadership in a Multigenerational Workplace: How to Leverage Your Employees for Maximum Impact

For the first time in history, four generations are sharing the workplace — and sometimes it feels like they are living in four different worlds. Being able to successfully lead the traditional traditionalists, the still-booming boomers, the xtra-independent Gen-X-ers and the tech-or-die Gen-Ys is complicated, but it is critical to the success of your team and your organization. This interactive discussion will bring together a diverse mix of leaders and professionals to share best practices and lessons learned around leading a multigenerational workplace. Read More

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How to Negotiate a Killer Job Offer

Do you want access to the secrets top executives know about negotiating job offers? Employment attorney Robin Bond will share insider tips on how to level the playing field in job offer negotiations. Attendees will learn Bond’s strategies for negotiating success including: how to strategically analyze a job offer; get more money in a deal; tackle the tough issues of securing stock options, long-term incentives and severance pay promises; and how to overcome the crucial question of “will the company pull the offer off the table if I try to negotiate?”

Speaker: ROBIN BOND , author, How to Negotiate a Killer Job Offer @ROBINBOND

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Using Fear to Create and Innovate

We often forget the meaning and lessons in our own stories as we seek out inspiration and how to be creative. We discount our fears, our insecurities, the experiences we’re afraid to talk about and instead focus on finding innovation and feeling like the creativity should come from elsewhere. Ishita Gupta will show you that the opposite is true. True innovation and inspiration comes from exploring your deepest needs and using those feelings as the foundation from which you build your creativity. This session will help you find your path to creative success!

Speaker: ISHITA GUPTA , entrepreneur and founder, Fear.less Magazine @ISHITAGUPTA

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Act Three: Finding Your Next Career

Are you STUCK?? Are you ready to go back to work or change jobs, but unsure of what you want to do, or just as important, what you are good at today? Or maybe you have lots of ideas, but are unable to focus on one and so you haven’t moved forward in your job quest. Julie Shifman, founder of Act Three, which helps women create a fulfilling next act of life, will help you get UNSTUCK. In this session, she will show you how you can identify your passions, pinpoint your biggest motivators and proactively address what might be holding you back from this next stage of your career.

Speaker: JULIE SHIFMAN , author, Act Three: Creating the Life You Want @ACTTHREE

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Your Pitch: How to Get Your Story Heard

Loraine Ballard Morrill, veteran news and community affairs director for Clear Channel Radio, will share tips and suggestions for getting the attention of overworked and overwhelmed media professionals. Whether you are in the for-profit world trying to maximize exposure, an entrepreneur trying to secure press or spearheading a cause in the non-profit arena, this session will offer something for everyone. Attendees will learn specific do’s and don’ts and explore how new mediums in the digital space (i.e. Twitter, Linked In, Facebook, email) are changing the way media is covered and how you can be heard.

Speaker: LORAINE BALLARD MORRILL , news and community affairs director, Clear Channel @LORAINEBALLARD

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Connecting vs. Networking

Networking isn’t about the number of connections you have – it’s about meeting and fostering relationships with the people you want in your life. Are you ready to quit filling up your calendar with random networking events and coffee dates and start building and leveraging relationships that are reciprocal and actually mean something to you? This session will provide practical tools and strategies to help you spend less time randomly networking and more time building a community of supporters.

Speaker: NANCY DUNLEAVY , president and CEO, Dunleavy & Associates @NANCYDUNLEAVY

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Claiming Happiness

If you’ve been struggling to find the happiness you deserve, then this is the session for you. Kathy Kinney (best known as Mimi on The Drew Carey Show ) and Cindy Ratzlaff (market – ing genius behind the launch of The South Beach Diet ) have been best friends for more than thirty years, and have helped each other navigate the ups and downs of their lives with humor and grace. In this entertaining and inspiring session, they will offer easy step-by-step actions to blast away at the societal preconceived notions of happiness and share the tried-and-true techniques they call “the seven best gifts a woman can give herself.”

Speakers: CINDY RATZLAFF and KATHY KINNEY , co-authors, Queen of Your Own Life @BRANDYOU @QUEENOFOWNLIFE

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The Shift: The Moment and Method for Reinvention

Best-selling author, Good Morning America contributor and entrepreneur Tory Johnson is no stranger to major life changes— after shifting from employee to entrepreneur after a painful firing. With a lifetime of struggling with her weight, Tory felt ashamed of how she looked but could never find the will to change. When a network executive warned her that if she didn’t lose weight her television career could be in jeopardy, Tory experienced something profound: A Shift. She knew she didn’t just want to change; she needed to change. Now, after a second major shift–losing more than sixty pounds in a year–Tory is on a mission to help others change their thinking and achieve a better life. This session isn’t about weight loss – it is designed for anyone struggling to make a big life change, be-it profession or personal. Together, these exceptional women will share their personal stories of shifting, and offer valuable lessons and inspiration for taking charge and changing your mindset once and for all. Attendees will:

  • Identify “their defining moment” for reinvention
  • Create a plan to make the shift
  • Understand and make a list of things to sacrifice along the road to shift
  • Learn strategies for self-discipline
  • Create a healthier and happier life

Speaker: Tory Johnson , New York Times best-selling author, The Shift, and workplace contributor, “Good Morning America” @TORYJOHNSON
Guest Panelist: Sallie Krawcheck , one of the most respected voices on Wall Street and business leader, 85 Broads @SALLIEKRAWCHECK
Host: Nancy Hornback , host, QVC @NANCYQVC

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Driving Social Good and Change Through the Power of the Workplace

Through access to networks, employees and customers, the workplace – regardless of size, sector or purpose – has the unique power to act as force multipliers to impact social change and make a difference. This session will explore the various ways that employees and entrepreneurs can use a work or corporate infrastructure to give back, volunteer and make an impact locally, domestically or globally. This session will use experiences from real-life change agents to offer inspiration and advice for how you can engage and make a difference within your work – place. Attendees will explore:

  • How to find out if your company has employee networks dedicated around these initiatives
  • How to start an initiative if your organization doesn’t already have something
  • How you work with your company to ensure that corporate and social responsibility are part of their mission
  • How to integrate philanthropy and social responsibility into the mission and financials of your small business

Panelists: Kristyn Stewart , director, Philadelphia Center for Arts and Technology @FOUNDATIONS_INC
Tiffany Dufu , chief leadership officer, Levo League and former president, The White House Project @TDUFU
Emily Denney , senior director of corporate affairs, AstraZeneca @EMDENNEY

Moderator: Nancy Dunleavy , president and CEO, Dunleavy and Associates @NANCYDUNLEAVY
Host: Pam Hisler , VP and market director, Beneficial Bank @BENEFICIALBANK
Branded by: AstraZeneca

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