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It’s All About a Brand New Brand YOU! Tips to Market and Promote Yourself

Perception is reality more often than not – whether we like it or not. The most successful authors, entertainers, entrepreneurs and corporations have marketing and PR strategies to help them shine and to create the perception they want others to see. You can and should do the same. How do others perceive you? Are you happy with how others perceive you? Now is your chance to create a brand new brand for YOU! Having written marketing and publicity plans for more than 150 New York Times best-selling authors, award-winning branding expert Cindy Ratzlaff and a panel of real-life professionals will share invaluable strategies to help you create your very own publicity plan. Show your manager, your customers or your clients just how talented and invaluable you are. Attend this session and learn how to promote yourself and create a powerful message so that you stand out, get ahead and build the career you want!

Speaker: Cindy Ratzlaff, marketing pioneer and author of Queen of Your Own Life: The Grown-Up Woman’s Guide to Claiming Happiness and Getting the Life You Deserve

Panel of Experts:
1. Heseung Song, Ed.D., president and CEO, Mighty Engine
2. Nancy Phelan, head of customer engagement, Bristol-Myers Squibb
3. Beth Rubino, EVP, human resources and workplace services, QVC, US