PennWomen App FAQ

How do I download the app?

Just search “Penn Women” in your app store, or use the appropriate download link below.

Download now on the App Store  Get it now on Google Play     

What if I already have the app from the 2018 Conference?

iOS users only need to update their old PennWomen app. (Go to the app store, search PennWomen, click on the cloud to the right.) If you are on an Android, please delete and re-download. If anyone has trouble, we recommend simply deleting the old and downloading the new!

How do I log in?

Tap “Sign In” banner on the home screen. NOTE: Your App login is NOT at all related to your registration login. They are completely separate systems that require 2 separate logins. If you have not used the app previously, choose the option to “Sign Up.”

How do I create a profile?

Once you’ve logged in by providing your email address, you can customize your profile by tapping “my profile” under the “Connect” heading at the top. Fill in as little or as much info as you’d like. Be sure to allow your profile to be seen in the directory listing so other attendees can find you! 

How do I create My Schedule?

You can only create a schedule if you’ve logged in and have finished a profile. Once this is done, simply open the session you’d like to add to your schedule from the AGENDA screen, and then click “Add to Agenda.”

How do I view my schedule after I’ve added sessions?

You can access your schedule from the “My Schedule” icon on the home screen, or from the “My Schedule” icon on the Connect screen. 

If I add sessions to my personal schedule on the app, does that mean I’m guaranteed space in that session?

NO. We do not require or allow attendees to reserve space in any session. Creating a schedule on the app simply allows you to better plan out your busy day. You are not guaranteed space in a session when you add it to your schedule on the app.

How can I connect with a specific attendee?

Simply tap the “Connect” tab on the top right hand corner of the home screen, then click on “Attendees.” You can search attendees by name, company, or title. You can also send a direct message, or add them as a contact. Your contact list can also be found in the “Connect” menu. 

What if I have more questions about the app?

Within the Attendees section, send a direct message to Danielle Leshinski.