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Why Inspiring Others is the Secret to Success

Do you know what your job is beyond just your job description?

Sure, you can do your work and collect a paycheck, but that may leave you stuck for the rest of your career. Opportunities may go to someone else. You won’t make as big a difference or reach your highest potential.

The truth is, your job – your most important role at work – is to inspire other people.

This is the best kept secret of those who achieve superstar status in their fields. Anyone can merely get the work done. The superstars, however, do their work in a way that profoundly inspires others.

Take motivational speakers, for example. Most of them offer advice that make a difference in the lives of their audience. But no one inspires, energizes, and instills confidence like Tony Robbins. People leave his seminars excited, confident, and ready to bite the bark right off a tree. That’s why he has the biggest audiences. That’s why he is a gazillionaire. It really is that simple.

Think of the blogs and books you read, the things you buy, and the ways you like to spend your time. On some level, they all make you feel inspired, right? Learn to do that for others and you will never lack in work, money or friends.

The 4-step inspiration action plan

Inspiration is so valuable because it’s rare. Simply understanding the importance of inspiration and making a conscious effort to inspire is often all it takes to make a difference. But to get into the nitty-gritty, here’s a quick inspirational cheat-sheet:

Tip #1: Define your audience

Everyone has an audience, and that’s who you need to inspire. It could be your boss, the interviewer, the girl at the bar or your business’ target market.

Get definitively clear about who you want to inspire, and you’ll be that much more likely to do it well.

Tip #2: Choose the right feeling

Inspiration is all about feelings. Once you know who you want to inspire, determine what feelings they want to feel. Do you want to build confidence? Spark adventure or creativity? Prompt deeper thinking? Inspire action?

Once you know who your audience is and what they want to feel, you can more easily develop a plan to deliver the message.

Tip #3: Inspire by example

Of course, inspiration starts with you. Find the courage to lead by example. You can’t simply shake someone by the shoulders and force them to be inspired, feel confident or feel moved to take action.

Cultivate and express the inspiration within yourself first, and it becomes infectious.

Tip #4: Be authentic

You cannot hope to inspire while being phony or hiding behind a mask. The moment you are your true self, imperfections and all, people start to take notice and listen to what you have to say. Be open and sincere.

This is the easiest way to make your message stick. Honesty builds trust and gets others to believe in your inspiration.

The ability to inspire others is an important skill, one that will help you achieve the success you desire. Keep your message authentic and human to amplify your results, inspire others, and excel in your work life.

Andrew Olson is passionate about helping you find your inspiration. He is the creator of Empty Fist, a blog that shares practical ideas on living a more awesome life.

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