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ENCORE | Corner Office Success: How to Accelerate your Career Trajectory | 2018 Session

Why do some careers take off while others stall? Common wisdom says that successful people attended elite an MBA program, landed high-powered jobs right out of school, and climbed the ladder straight to the top. But the CEO Genome Project shattered these myths. This 10-year study of more than 17,000 C-suite revealed some surprising choices that set successful CEO apart. Join this session to learn the four key behaviors of successful CEOs—and three moves that can catapult your career. Emily Sheeren, one of the principals of this study, and a panel of executives will share how to:

  • Fast-track your career by deploying career catapults
  • Overcome hidden handicaps to getting the job you want.
  • Avoid common hazards that can derail people promoted into a new role.

Denice Hasty, CMO, Comcast Business
⚬ Valerie Smith, president, Swarthmore College
⚬ Naomi Mulgrave, VP, strategic solutions, Prudential Financial, Inc.

Emcee: Colleen Pritchett, global business director, electronics & imaging, Dupont