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2017 Session | Why Simple Wins: Escaping the Complexity Trap to Get to the Work That Matters

We spend our days drowning in mundane tasks like meetings, emails, and reports, which prevent us from getting to the meaningful work we want to be spending our time on.  By learning how to eliminate redundancies, communicate with clarity, and make simplification a habit, we can recognize which activities are time-sucks and which create lasting value, leaving us feeling less overwhelmed, more empowered, and able to spend each day doing things that matter.  Lisa Bodell’s simplification method will show us that by using simplicity as an operating principle, we can eliminate the busy work that puts a chokehold on us every day, and instead spend time on the work that we value.

Speaker: Lisa Bodell, founder and CEO, futurethink & author, Innovation Revolution

Emcee: Stephanie Lim Capello, chief development officer, Girl Scouts of Eastern Pennsylvania

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